Former Members

Graduate Students

  • Jaeho Oh - M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2014, Advanced Distributor Products
  • Nathan Rohner, Ph.D. - M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2014, Ph.D. Bioengineering 2017, Postdoctoral Scholar, Case Western University
  • Erin E. Edwards, Ph.D. - Ph.D. Bioengineering 2018, Director of In Vitro Services, Visikol

Rotation Students/Visiting Scholars

  • Caitlin Powell - M.D./Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
  • Raquel Palao - Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials Ph.D. student, Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnologia de Polimeros
  • Monica McNerney - Bioengineering Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
    *NIH Biomaterials Training Grant
  • David Trac - M.D./Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
  • Mike Bellavia - Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering
    *NIH Biomaterials Training Grant
  • Jared Beyersdorf - M.D./Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Students

  • Sara Tuell - B.S. Mechanical Engineering
    *Air Products Undergraduate Researcher
    *Meeting of the Minds Attendee
  • Jacob McClain - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2013, Caprico Biotechnologies
  • Mason McClatchey - B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2013, Ph.D. Candidate University of Colorado
    *2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher in the School of Mechanical Engineering
    *Air Products Undergraduate Researcher
  • Patrick Strickland - B.S. Physics and Pre-Health 2013, M.D. Student Emory University
    *2013 College of Science Roger Wartell and Stephen Brossette Award for Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Blair Smith - B.S. Biology 2013, M.D. Student St Georges University
  • Jason Yun - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2013, D.D.S. Student University of Southern California
  • Abhinav Mohan - B.S. Chemical Engineering 2014, Ph.D. Candidate Virginia Commonwealth University
    *NSF Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering/Science
  • Karan Khendry - B.S. Mechanical Engineering
    *Air Products Undergraduate Researcher
  • Rahul Rege - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2014, M.D. Student Emory University
    *President’s Undergraduate Research Award
  • Alex Warner - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2016, M.D. Student Medical College of Georgia
    *President’s Undergraduate Research Award
  • J. Patrick Caudill - B.S., M.S. Mechanical Engineering 2015, Lockheed Martin
  • Manuela Sushnitha - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2016, Ph.D. Candidate Rice University
  • Beth Walker - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2016, Emory School of Medicine
  • Veena Anilkumar - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2018
    *Petit Research Scholar Award
    *2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher in the School of Biomedical Engineering
  • Joselyne Umubyeyi - B.S. Biomedical Engineering 2018
    *President’s Undergraduate Research Award
    *2018 ACC Meeting of the Minds Attendee

Visiting Teachers

  • Cassandra Marks - Cedar Grove High School
    *GIFT Fellow

High School Students

  • Veena Anilkumar - Wheeler High School, B.S. Candidate Georgia Tech
    *Biomedical Engineering Society High School Scholar
    *Zell Miller Scholarship
  • Ruwenne Moodley - Westminster High School
  • Eric Odermatt - Westminster High School
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